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Alternative Knee Treatment options are now available to Boise, ID and surrounding areas. Our Non-Surgical approach is clinically proven to END pain and restore knee functionality. Take our short quiz to see if you qualify for a FREE consultation and knee exam.

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Clinically Proven to Reverse Osteoarthritis Symptoms

A study was carried out on 384 patients who received our knee treatments. The ages ranged from 43 to 93 years old. The gender split was 182 (47.4 percent) females and 202 (52.6 percent) males. The incredible outcomes shocked many medical professionals. Here are the results:

"It's amazing to see our patients regaining their mobility and freedom as a result of our treatments. Our entire staff is passionate about helping our patients live mobile, pain-free lives."

Jenna Luther - Idaho Advanced Medical Care
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At Idaho Advanced Medical Care, we understand that people suffering from knee pain are tired of hearing about the “next new treatment” available that will alleviate their pain. Using science and cutting-edge technology, our patented treatments are designed to alleviate knee pain and restore knee functionality.

Our Knee Pain Specialists will create a fully individualized treatment plan that is designed around your own specific case of knee pain to ensure the best possible results in restoring knee functionality and your way of life. 

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